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In this 15 minute Radiant Meditation you’ll gently be guided through clearing the busyness of the mind, or what I like to call the noise, which will enable you to flow into your meditative state. Leaving you feeling calm, peaceful and radiant.

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What's EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (or often referred to as tapping) is an evidence based technique used to release physical pain, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, food cravings, fears, phobias, childhood traumas, anxiety, stress, and the list goes on!   This gentle technique involves self-applied tapping on meridian end points (like acupressure) in combination with a specific type of modern talk therapy.  By doing this simple yet powerful technique it allows you to heal your body naturally, bust through limiting beliefs about yourself, and no longer be defined by your past experiences.  So then, you can start to live your life with freedom to be your true authentic self!   

Want more info about EFT Tapping and to watch a quick video where I guide you through what tapping is and how to use it.


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